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How to increase Google rankings of my web-site home page?

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Pretty much all my traffic comes from my web-pages they rank OK in Google but my home main page doesn't even show on Google why?

What should I do to increase ranking of my site home page and get most of the traffic from it?
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The easiest way would be to check your top ranking web-page and make your home page similar!

Add quality content to your home-page make sure to add it into the above fold area as below fold won't have the same SEO affect!

Make sure to optimize that content for Google meaning that you should mention keywords you target at least once!

Use H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Optimize your title and description tags by including your keywords in them. Keep in mind keyword density and proximity.
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A few major things you need to focus on:
1- Lots of quality content on your website. Make sure your content is written from scratch and is 100% unique. Also, don't think having 3-4 pages on your site will get you traffic. Focus on always adding new content and building hundreds of unique pages.
2- Good quality backlinks... You need to look at building more backlinks into your site. Look on Fiverr and other websites to purchase some mediocre links and start building up your page authority.
3- Use proper tags - As the previous post mentions, make sure all of your pages have good SEO-optimized meta tags, H1 tags, ALT tags..etc.
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Have you tried social media sites, forums, blogs and even search engine submission? They can be just few effective ways in driving traffic to your website.
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In your home page do proper ON-page seo like H1 tag, alt tag,meta tag and keywords targets. Your home page will rank soon by also doing some off page activities.
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if you want to increase the traffic of your website you must do content marketing and do classified posting on good sites like craiglist, backpage etc

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