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How to increase rankings of my Facebook business page on Google?

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I see many Facebook pages rank pretty high on Google for very competitive keywords. The thing is they have very few likes in comparison with other social page that have way much likes.

What is the secret? How can I increase rankings?
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First make sure you chose a relevant custom URL, title and description of you Facebook business page. Then to get it indexed quick submit URL to Google here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

Now link back to it from you online business page. Now like and comments on other relevant pages to build up backlinks.

The most important it to frequently post relevant to your website niche and keywords content using hashtags to get more views and traffic.
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DO the SEO Off page Activity Forum Posting, Bookmarking submission, directory submission, yahoo answering, Blog submission etc.
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First you need a relevant name of Facebook business page and second your page is older as old as possible. Never use any tool for increasing your Facebook business page means fa-ke likes and last link your website in your FB page. Daily update your FB page to get ranking your page in Google.

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