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How to increase traffic of my blog?

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I have a blog and I am kind of interesting to find out how to bring or increase traffic to it. Are there so good new ways to increase traffic because I don't think old methods of increasing traffic work?
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Well it's not easy to get free and the most important targeted traffic to a blog or a web site. There are many ways to get traffic though like you can try:

Post videos on YouTube that usually get a lot of views and then add a link to your site in video description.
If you are a good writer your can try Article Marketing.
Internet forums and blog commenting is another great way to get traffic.
You can always use PPC advertising is non of the above work.
Another way to get traffic is from social media sites.

But at the end you need constant traffic and the only way to get it through SERPs or content. Post plenty of new content on your site and then share it on social media sites.
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I think social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even image sharing websites like Pinterest are useful media for gaining traffic without depending on organic search
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Write interesting articles you will get organic traffic from search engine. Feel free to advertise your blog adress on FB groups linked to your niche and other people's blogs and message boards.
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Create original content that will be helpful users so that they can engage with your blog.
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Social Sharing is the best way to increase blog traffic.
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The most important factor that will increase traffic is the consistency of the readers on your blog. You can adopt for daily topic systems, daily tricks, and tips or any other thing that comes to your mind.
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you must do first on page SEO and off page SEO for more organic traffic
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If you can increase traffic on your website or blog. So you can choose social media because social media is the best profitable and appropriate platform for generating more traffic. I prefer the Facebook Social media site. It is the best tool for increase traffic and customers on your business. Facebook offers advertisements for all marketers. Facebook ad spy tool comes with several advantages and it changed the whole Facebook advertisement. With the help of it, you can easily spy your competitor's ads.
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Hi, there are various ways to increase traffic on the blog, but the most effective are:
1. Social Bookmarking
2. Social Media (Relatively)
3. Blog Optimization.
4. Blog Comment.
5. Video Conversion.
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For instant traffic you can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You tube, Google plus, its helps to increase traffic.
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You have to use content marketing techniques to increase traffic on your blog quickly.
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There are lots of ways to increase the traffic on the blog which are mentioned below:
1) Social Media Media marketing
2) Video Optimization
3) Blog Comment.
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traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking search results leading to that particular website. Using a Web analytics program, a website’s overall search engine traffic can be segmented to show the percentage of search engine traffic for individual Web pages or site sections.
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I think social media is the best option for increase traffic for blogs. Also, add an attractive image to diverge users to user blog
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Write interesting CONTENT articles you will get organic traffic from search engine. Feel free to advertise your blog adress on FB groups linked to your niche and other people's blogs and message boards.
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Well, we are talking about getting more traffic on this blog, so I think marketing on social media will be the best way for every marketer to gain more traffic on your website/blog. You can write a different type of content which will be related to your business niche and Post high-quality images that will attract people.
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1. By writing more content.
2. By promoting with social media.
3. By writing better titles.
4. By knowing your niche.
5. By including photos.
6. By adding incorporate links.
7. By adding social sharing buttons.
8. By retweet past content.
9. By inviting guest contributors.
10. By adding video.
11. By investing in promotion.
12. By conducting give away events.
13. By writing guest posts.
14. By cross promote your mailing list.
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Compose more. ...
Advance with web based life. ...
Compose better titles. ...
Know your specialty. ...
Incorporate photographs. ...
Consolidate catchphrases. ...
Consolidate joins. ...
Include social sharing catches.

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Good ways to increase traffic to your blog is through promotion, things to help promote your blog include:

- Commenting on other bloggers work and leaving your link afterwards
- If you feel like your blog posts will help a lot of people and answer someone's question the use this site to your advantage
- Social networking is key, use hashtags relevant to your work and take into account the time of day, will your core demographic like be online?
- Promote other people's work and tell them, maybe they will promote yours back
- If your post mentions a company tell them using Twitter, maybe they will retweet or help promote it

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