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How to increase twitter followers?

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I need more followers on Twitter please share your tips and tricks that will help me to achieve my goal?
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Get them something that they will want more of it and they will follow you Wink Content is what you need and good one!
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To increase your follower in Twitter, you can follow peoples who have same interest and also Re-tweet their tweets. To know more about for Twitter Followers, Read on


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Write valuable content, comment on relevant news/tweets, and re-tweet relevant content. By doing these you can increase twitter followers.
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For me is re-twitting some popular posts from profiles that already have tons of followers!
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Steps to increase followers -
Explain to your followers
Fill out your bio
#hash tag
Take pictures
Start a contest
Follow the top twitter users
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Using hashtags is probably top one for me!
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By following someone else and ask them to follow back, Post interesting things regularly, offer some discount offers.

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