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How to increase website rankings in US?

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I want my website to rank high in USA because that there my customer are but in US site rankings are terrible don't know why?

Why web-site ranks differently in each country? I am using Google.com and yet rankings vary from country to country?
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Google uses localized searches! That gives much more beneficial to the consumers.

For Ex: I am in India. Searching for a keyword "Samsung s6 price".
I want Samsung s6 price in India...This is my need...right? Neither getting India price details If I get the price for U.S or U.K, that will not be the right answer I searched for.

Google's main target is to satisfy the user from any country and place!
So this is why Google made the search rankings different from country to country!

Lets come to the deal...
Rank High on USA?
1. Collect USA business listings/classfieds.. Submit on those websites
2. Search for US related websites (Related to your Niche) then post on those websites - Blog comments/forum posts/guest blogging...etc
3. Analyse the competitor's back-links - Use those websites for your link building campaigns

My advice is to target the specific county not the whole USA. High competitive market - you cannot beat the rest within some days.
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The reason your website ranks in one country rather than in another is case the majority of its backlinks originate in or from that country!

The factor to consider is traffic source. You need traffic to come from US if you want to rank there!

As suggested by our SEO expert above find relevant sites to your niche that rank high on that country and then get backlinks from them, this will generate traffic too.
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Purchase some SEO software. Input top ranking US sites and it will tell you what should you do to your SEO and website in order to make it happen.

Go to Alexa and search for websites that have high USA traffic rank then use them for generating traffic and backlinks. Once Google detects that the site gets decent amount of traffic from U.S it will then start showing your site to everyone accessing Google from US searching for the keyword that is within your backlink text. That is why it's so important to use your keywords when creating backlinks.

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