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How to keep PageRank?

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My website just can't keep its PR (PageRank). For very short time it starts ranking high on Google show on the first page but then looses PR and rankings? What are the bets ways/techniques used to keep PageRank PR?
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If you don't want your website start loosing PR (Page-Rank) then continue doing what you had been doing until not, I mean don't change your SEO technique.
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Add rel nofollow to all outgoing links.
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Can some one tell me How I keep Page rank in my Google.
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(05-30-2014 01:04 PM)antivirus234 Wrote:  Can some one tell me How I keep Page rank in my Google.

To keep SEO juices make all outgoing links nofollow
To keep or even make PR higher you need to increase the rate at with you are posting new content.
Once you get high PageRank stop working on your backlinks building as you might unintentionally over do it and loose rankings and PR for webspam. At this stage backlinks will naturally occur.
Make sure your website load time is not deteriorating, you don't get any issues with hosting, and website redirects, 404 errors and stuff like that juts keep your website healthy.

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