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How to lose weight fast for men?

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Recently my wife made a comment related to my weight and that I should lose some, but I don't really like to workout neither starving myself, I would like to loose weight fast but without suffering any idea how can I do that?
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Dude there is no such a thing as loosing weight fast, you may loose your health in the process so be very careful! To lose weight ask your doctor first about how to lose weight in mean time try to exercise eat healthy food, stop drinking sodas because soft drink is loaded with sugar that makes you gain weight and can give you diabetes!
Good Luck!
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There's no quick healthy solution in losing weight. You have to remember that you put in those weight for quite sometime and it may take awhile to lose those. Good thing about it is, losing it doesn't equate to how long you've been taking your weight for granted. Take a gradual change in diet and start eating healthy. Choose the meals that you have to consider. You don't need to starve yourself, but rather, cut your meals and lessen the fatty meat and never forget to include vegetables and fruits. You'll be surprised how refreshing this would be on your day to day activity once you get used to it. Try to evade soy sauce as well as it will store fat.

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