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How to make money buying and selling fifa coins?

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My discussion forum recently was hit by "buy fifa 15 coins" spam. After some online research I found out that actually it's pretty hot topic right not and it appears that there is money to be made in these fifa coins.

Since I never done this before I need someone to introduce me to this new way of making money in the internet.

Where can I buy them cheap and sell for a profit?

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Fifa 2015 is a new video game and as it happens with most of the games they have paid features and in other to use them you have to buy credits or whatever in this case coins.

Football is really hot these days so anything related to it has the potential to be profitable. The problem here is to get targeted traffic which is something that not easy to come-by. Why do you think is so difficult to make money with affiliate programs... cause you need traffic to generate sales.
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Business-to-business buying and selling through online and Business to Business electronic data interchange.Electronic commerce appears in all four of the major market segments:Business to Business ,Business to consumer,consumer to consumer ,consumer to business ,are also important.

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