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How to make money with ClickBank?

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Can anybody give me step by step walk-through the process if making money with ClickBank affiliate program?
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To make money with ClickBank affiliate marketing you need to have a website to maximize your earnings. Pretty much you will be making money from selling digital products that vendors submit to Click Bank marketplace.

It's an affiliate program so you will be sending traffic to Click-Bank and will get paid a commission from each successful sale.
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Mostly people who are making money from Clickbank are those who review products. So, creating a product review blog would be a good idea.
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Hi there,
Actually i am very new member to join this forum and that is my first post on it ,according to me how make online many with click bank so i think there you insert your add or link or which that required it like any product that you must attached there or some like that its my mind ,If you have knowledge able replies so please share with me because i am very new member to join that delicious forum:!
sameer shokat.

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