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How to make money with Facebook and Twitter?

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miami boy Offline referral

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Many point at social media marketing as one of the bets ways to make money online, also say that the are making money on Facebook and Twitter. How can I start making money there too?
maya Offline referral

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There are many services online that pay for Twitter tweets and Facebook likes or posts just Google it.
seojamz Offline referral

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I use twitter to tweet out affiliate links and it works pretty well if you have the right twitter marketing software.
techupdates2015 Offline referral

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share affiliates links on your Facebook and twitter account.
nshntsngh Offline referral

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@techupdates2015 - very nice strategy. I will try this out.
eleanorwebster Offline referral

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that's great, can someone elaborate who to make money from social media
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Start a website or blog,Write product reviews,Make and sell crafts,Design web images,Sign up with focus groups in your area,Become a moving advertisement,Be trustworthy
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Grow a facebook page,then post affiliate links on it

Google this topic

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