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How to make money with PPD network?

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How can I start making money with "pay per download" networks? From my experience I know that I try to avoid web surveys at all cost so if I am avoiding it then there must be millions like me and if so then how is it possible to make money with PPD?
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The way you make money with PPD (pay per download) is easy! You upload a file to PPD services then you direct traffic to that file and you get paid not for downloads but for the amount of people that completed the survey!
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It is a program that pays members to upload files from their websites and invite visitors to download such files, you have to do is register free on any PPD site and get your file upload. Some popular points are used to make money like  Call Visitors to Action,Don’t Limit Yourself to Websites, Automate to Save Time,Offer Valuable Files.

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