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How to make money with a free blog?

make money online
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Creating a new website, hosting all this costs a lot of money, but there is a solution for that in the form of free blogs. However many of them don't allow PPC adverting so is there a way to make money with free blogs?
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Stay away from free blogs specially WordPress they don't allow any adverting on a free blog. The only solution would be Blogger blog that allows Adsense ads and all kind of PPC adverting BUT if you blog is subjected to Google Policy, Term and Conditions.
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Blogger blog and Adsense that would be it.
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If you have a free oldskool WordPress blog with a lot of traffic you could try to moneytize it just with some call-to-actions to a landingspage with your products.
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Create and promote your blog, Try with PPI (Pay Per Install) or CPA, That may creates some amount of cash in your pocket.

Money with free blog based on the blog content/design/promotion.
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In terms of the blog, it may be free but you'll still need to draw traffic for the ads to pay off. You can do this through Youtube, Facebook, or through things like paid PR links that you can purchase from different vendors. In the end, I think you'll need to invest some money to get a return on it!
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Free blogs that allows backlink can be helpful. Make sure that you are a helpful member of the blog itself.

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