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How to make money with forex trading?

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Could anybody explain how people make money with Forex? I know it has something to do with trading currency but how it works I don't know. Also I don't know where to start because when I Google for "Forex Trading" I get lots websites offering that.

So what is Forex trading, how to use it and what is the best place to place to start?
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As you know Forex is all about currency trading and at this stage you should really first learn about Forex as much as you can before investing real money.

The way currency trading works is you have 2 currencies let say USD vs EUR that you can sell or buy and you make money by earning pips. So if you are selling and the market drops you make profit and if it rises you lose then the same happens when buying!
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It's hard to make money in fired. Its a gamble.
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There are bots on the internet that you can purchase.... and loads of website full of information
Be careful with Forex Trading and the likes of Binary as you could end up losing your money

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