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How to make money with free apps?

make money online
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I don't understand really how developers of free applications (APPs) make money as creating an app is not cheap?
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Free is a powerful marketing trick that is used to get more exposure and attract more traffic. Once you get traffic then you can start earning money. If you have an app you can let people download it for free BUT make the app so that it will not have all functions and then people will pay you to get a full version.
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Marcus is right! To market any product you need first to let people taste it by downloading it and use it for free! Then if someone likes it they will buy it.
Or another ways of making money would be with showing ads in mobile apps. When developing an app build in a function that will show ads.
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The biggest two ad networks are iAds and Admob. The first being Apple and the second being Google.
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use inmobi ads they give you high cpm
In mobi is best way to earn from free app
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you can display ads in your application and make good amount of money as you generate traffic .
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Its also increase the traffic.so we have used to some apps CPI Networks (Cost Per Install), Sponsorship, Ads, In-App Purchases, The Freemium Upsell.
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admob is my favorite to make money from app
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Simply by selling advertisement space find sponsors and Affiliate links and also run donation system which some times people donate if project is good. but also depend what kind of free app is it. or make premium function so people who pay will have some extra functions in the app. these Ideas I get right now Smile
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(09-22-2014 01:21 PM)marcus_avrelius Wrote:  Free is a powerful marketing trick that is used to get more exposure and attract more traffic. Once you get traffic then you can start earni...

thank you Smile
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There are numerous ways mobile apps can make money without charging, a few I can think of the top of my head:
1.Advertising -
2.Physical purchases
3 Subscriptions
4. In-app purchases
5. CPI Networks (Cost Per Install)
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The most simple way to 'monetise' a free app is to add in advertising. Indeed, it is an established structure to have a free 'lite' version of an app with an upgrade option that removes the ads - we outline that below.
Of course makers of free apps may not be best placed to employ teams of advertising salespeople, but they don't need to. Using mobile ad networks such as InMobi and AdMob or even Google's own ad-serving service is simple. These networks offer easy integration with apps, helping you to start earning your revenue almost immediately.
But as you will know if you ever tried to earn money from a YouTube channel or a blog, the rates of pay you will earn from your app will be small. The solution to this and many commercial problems in the online space is to increase the number of people using your app - easier said than done.
We would recommend signing up for ad exchanges. These let you integrate with several ad networks at the same time, which should mean that you have more ads on your app, and at the highest possible rates.
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How to make money with free apps is trending now. To get money from free apps isn't so easy now, you need to have a good traffic to your apps to download it so advertisers like your apps and place their ads on it. After ads placed, if the traffic continue good, maybe the ads will clicked and you get your money.
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Free is a powerful marketing trick that is used to get more exposure and attract more traffic. Once you get visitors then you can start making profits. If you have an app you can let individuals obtain it totally free but make the app so that it will not have all features and then individuals pay you to get a complete version.
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#1 Research your market competitors to identify missed monetization opportunities.
#2 “Freemium” apps are free to download and offer paid access to additional features.
#3 In-app purchases are a way to offer optional, paid features within an app.
#4 Subscriptions provide paid content or features over a set amount of time.
#5 In-app advertising generates revenue from user click-throughs and impressions.
#6 Grow a large, active user base to improve your chances of generating significant revenue.
#7 Successful monetization strategies look and feel like a normal part of the app experience.
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Revenue split – You and the sponsor agree to splitting the revenue generated by the app.
Monthly sponsorship fee – The sponsor could pay you a set monthly fee for use of the app + maintenance.


The app is free to download
There might be some free content available in the app, but not always. It’s completely up to the developer.
The user must pay a regular subscription fee to unlock all of the content in the app.

Email marketing

Ask nicely
Use the Facebook SDK.
Use a 3rd party tool like LeadLayer

The ‘Freemium Upsell’
Amazon Underground
Selling Merchandise
Affiliate income

In-App Purchases (IAP’s)
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This is useful app to get more traffic and attract number of online customers.
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They used custom SDK with advertising code. When users installs free apps they get ads. Anyone can earn money on free apps using this method. If you have enough mobile traffic or understand how to use free file hosting use custom sdk with ads on affilight site. It's absolutely free. On one install you can earn up to 10 cents.
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likely the least demanding to execute (by means of outsider advertisement arrange) and the most widely recognized. This is regularly as flag advertisements.

supported by any semblance of daily papers, memberships give you access to all or a few components of the application for a specific rate regularly charged month to month or yearly.

Physical buys
numerous online business organizations discharge applications for nothing to offer physical merchandise.

In-application buys
one off installments to buy virtual products (an additional element) or consumables (gold coins in a diversion). These can produce a lot of income - the Finnish start-up Supercell are reputed to make over $1 million + every day from their Clash of Clans amusement which is right now #1 in the iTunes most astounding netting graph for iPad.

Smaller scale installments
connected to the above, micropayments permit clients to pay little exchanges for changing their profile picture for instance.
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My friend "Gustavo Woltmann" and me just start a small business to buy and sell unique article though Internet. In this case I need to some SMM for our new site, could anyone please give me some name of android apps which allow to post simultaneously to social media using our site name?

Have a nice day. Smile

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