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How to make my SERPs stand out from other search results?

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The problem I am facing is if even you manage to get high Google ranking you still need to coupe with the fact that there is something called CTR (click through rate). How to increase my Google CTR? What are the techniques used to improve meta tag title to make it stand out from other SERPs and at the same time without loosing too much of seo juice?
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On March 13th 2014 Google made a few changes to how SERPs are displayed. The text font had been increased to 18px Arial and the space for displaying search results had been decreased to 502 pixels this means that now meta tag title has to be 57 characters long but used to be 65.

So make sure your website title is 57 characters or less!

Keep the text natural but with a few of your most important keywords. Short title stands out more than a long one!

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