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How to make the seem SEO like this blog.

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Who can help me to analyse Blogs, I want know how to do good seo? and How to make a high traffic.
Thanks for your reply and support.
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What your blog is about, what is your niche, what keywords are you targeting or want to rank high on Google?
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Do you have any social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus if you don't then you should create one on each of them it's a great way to get free traffic and boost your rankings!
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Provide your blog name for blog analysis, Use all Seo white hat techniques for good SEO.
Write Unique content for your blog and share it on multiple social media networking websites, allow comments for your blog posts, accept only good comments and give replay to them. Work with On-page SEO before start SEO Off-page.
Do all Off-page seo for your blog, like sharing content, Forum posting with signature, Classifieds promotions, Article posting, Social book marking, Blog Commenting etc..
Use social media like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, and Twitter for generate traffic.
Create videos, PPTs and promote them on video and slide sharing websites, Send your content and videos through email.

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