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How to merge pages on Facebook?

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letsplay Offline referral

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Can anybody step by step me on how to marge my 2 business pages on Facebook?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
For this to work you need to have 2 pages with the same name and similar content pretty much duplicate pages.

1. Make sure you are using Facebook as your Profile not as you page!
2. Make sure both pages have the same name is not then rename them.
3. Access the page you want to marge with the other one.
3. On top of the screen click on Manage tab and then Edit Page
4. Then click on Resources
5. Click on Marge Duplicate Pages
ChetanModi Offline referral

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Thanks for getting more information is really helpful for me and further used of tactics.
litonkrl Offline referral

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Thank you "marcus_avrelius " for the suggest!
LaurenA Offline referral

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But isn't it will take time for facebook to merge to pages? There will be a subject for approval.
bocka Offline referral

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Now, if you do this, Facebook will prevent you to post new post. Merging unrelated pages can lead to die pages
nidhivyas Offline referral

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Somewhat the same topic, but I’m trying to change a FB business page name. A group of us have signed this petition if anyone else wants to as well, maybe this will make it easier for us.

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