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How to not get penalized by Penguin 3.0 for black hat SEO?

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Seems that Google Penguin 3.0 algorithm is hunting for websites that have used black hat seo to generate or obtain backlinks but I know for sure a few websites doing that and yet they didn't get penalized. What do you thing is the best way to prevent that?
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I go by this way to not get penalized by penguin. But the success ratio is only 10:7.

Tier 1: Manual Link building campaigns
Tier 2: Using some crappy contents (Contextual link building) using software/scripts
Tier 3: Tons of Forum and spam guest posts (100% copied or crappy content).
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Penguin is targeting websites that don't have enough backlinks or they have tons of low PR and quality ones. So the best solution would be to simply manually generate backlinks and make sure they are coming from high PR, authority relevant site.

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