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How to optimize image to make SEO friendly website?

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All we know that search Engine crawler cannot read images so that we have to optimize images to tell the crawler about what the image belongs to. Image optimization is a very easy process. To optimize images follow some tips.
1. Set Keyword related to images in ALT Tag.
2. Give the image name.
3. Set the proper image size.
4. Give description in image.
5. Don’t use irrelevant content in image name, Alt tag, Description.

I hope all above tips will help you to optimize images for your website and also help you to reduce bounce rate of website.
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You missed some!

Limiting the number of images used in a page
Try to keep the images near the supporting rich text content for better optimization results.
Apply captions and tags/use some photo sharing websites to promote and engage the images.
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Nice tips guys have nothing to add really except: Keep the images above the fold and if possible replace them with text which is more SEO friendly.

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