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How to optimize my website for Google?

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I have a website it's a new one! Now my hosting has a paid offer that says something about Google optimization I mean they say they will optimize my web-site for the search engine for money!

I wanna do it for free. Could you tell me how to?
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For the website to show and rank on Google search results it has to comply with Google quality guidelines.

Google optimization is broken into 2 categories:

On-site and Off-site

"On-site optimization" means that you need to make sure your website loads fast has not W3C errors and contains great amount of high quality content!

"Off-page optimization" if the process of generating and getting backlinks to get high search engine rankings and get more traffic to the website!

Please read this article that explain all you need to know about search engine optimization.

Google SEO guide: http://static.googleusercontent.com/medi...-guide.pdf
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First you concentrate to the on-page work...Optimize your entire website with proper on-page techniques.
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to optimize your website for Google, do consult the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google
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To optimize your website for Google, first make your website SEO friendly. An SEO friendly website easily crawled by Google.
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First of all:
The Mad Hatter Is Definitely Rather Loony
The Mad Hatter Is Definitely Rather Loony is a memorable little acronym to help remember the basics of what needs to be done to help Google and your potential viewers find your site, and improve your search engine rankings into the bargain.

T: Title tag
M: Meta description and keywords tag
H: Header tags: H1, H2, H3
I: Image file names and alt tags
D: Diverse keywords
R: Relevancy
L: Reputable links

Let's go through those topics and discover how Wordtracker is in an even better position (with recent improvements to the Keywords tool) to help you do it.

Read google support
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Optimize your website through SEO off page techniques .Do some quality tasks to your targeting keywords this will help you to rank your website.
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Well you need to ensure a good title, Description and 1000 words long page also you need to make your site faster and also need to do some keyword research.

you can google SEO tips.
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You need to check if your Meta Description and Meta Keyword is filled with relevant information. Do keyword research and update your website content accordingly.
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1. Keyword Research
2. Great content (the longer, the better)
3. Natural keyword usage
4. Page titles
5. Header tags
6. Optimized URLs
7. Page load time
8. Internal linking
9. Google authorship
10. Responsive (mobile) design
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First you concentrate to the on-page work...Optimize your entire website with proper on-page techniques.
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Your keywords and content tells about your site.So keep updated them.
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10 SEO tips to get your website to the top of Google search
1) Optimise for RankBrain
2) Optimise for ‘near me’ search queries
3) Optimise your local presence
4) Optimise for natural language and voice search
5) Answer a question
6) Pay for it
7) Get in Top Stories, implement AMP
8) Be mobile optimised
9) Speed up your website
10) Optimise your Twitter presence
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The Google SEO cheat sheet is in three steps:

(1) How to make your search results look good in the search results. Google recommends you craft your titles properly, make sure your domain name and file name structure is descriptive of the page content and tailor useful and descriptive search descriptions.

(2) Enable Google to really understand your images by giving them descriptive file names, use the alt attribute and write short captions below the image.

(3) Write the best and most useful content, while not forgetting to continue to keep adding useful and unique content to your web site.

Those are Google’s 3 main points when it comes to optimizing your website for Google’s search results.
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ent Optimization and Submission

1. Make page titles. Catchphrase based titles help build up page topic and heading for your watchwords.

2. Make meta labels. ...

3. Place vital search queries on pages. ...

4. Grow new sitemaps for Google and Bing. ...

5. Submit site to catalogs (restricted utilize).

Google this topic

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