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How to rank on Google first page for SEO keyword?

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My website is relevant to seo so I would like to rank it on the first page for keyword seo or search engine optimization any suggestions how to achieve that ranking position?
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To Get Frist Rank on Google Pages isn't a Joke ! There is already much traffic on SERP & Google has become so smart ! So it's tuff to get First Rank ! Well for good Ranking of a website.

There is much need to make a good website first than check out Website Good & relevant Title Tag, & Meta description etc tags, Because these matter so much for a website & Than go with SEO off page works & Build High Quality Links.
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Website position in the search results (rankings) and PR (PageRank) is controlled mainly by off-page optimization which means that you need to start working on:

Backlinks building
Brand Marketing
Getting traffic

You had chosen very completable keyword buddy and SEO takes time so don't freak out if after a few month you still don't see results!

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