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How to recover the loosing of new visitors

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I Have been doing seo on my website since 2 years everything was going just fine, but recently I found that the new visitors figure is going down by 60% in 2 mnth. My question is simple what extra I can do to boost up the new visitors traffic to my website to generate more business
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Well buddy if you were doing SEO for 2 years I am pretty sure you are aware of pretty much all possible ways to get traffic!

You need targeted traffic I mean organic one! Traffic from social media sites or from other websites it's only temporarily traffic we need traffic from Google and for that you need to increase search engine authority.

Produce more content to get more of your pages show in SEPRs.
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check your website speed and optimize it also for mobile viewers.
update your content regularly, social signals are the effective technique nowadays to increase the website traffic, and try to get the backlinks from the high authority and relevant sites.
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Thanks for sharing the valuable information.
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For new visitors you need to provide the content required by them. Design your website in such a manner that the visitors will automatically start to follow you.

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