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How to remove bad backlinks?

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Reading some seo articles I have learned that bad backlinks hurt seo but there is a way to delete them. So how do I delete those worthless backlinks?
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To evacuate awful backlinks of your site, you contact straightforwardly to the webmaster of destinations and appeal it to expel your connection from their locales. After that you utilize google deny apparatus to and de-ordered all of you terrible backlinks of your site. So structure next time when google positioned your site, not consider this terrible connections for positioning.
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To remove backlinks from Google you can use "google disavow tool" you can find it in your webmaster tools account or by vising this URL: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links

Its an advanced tool and should be used only by professionals or people that know how to use it.
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To ignore all Bad link's for the website is not one night job, you have to identify all the links which are passing the page rank with UN-neutral linking methods. Go to your Google webmaster account, find out all latest back links from Google webmaster and do the manual analysis of all links. Although there are many parameters to identify the bad links but few of them are given bellow.

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