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How to remove the negative links from the google?

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Hi Friends,

I am doing the Online reputation of a president from 8 months but the negative links are shown in First page of Google. how can i remove negative links from first page of the Google? pls suggest me.......
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You can contact the webmaster of the website where the comment is and ask politely to remove the unwanted content as it directly refers to your website or person.

If everything fails you can always send "Google removal request" to delete any information from the search engine related to you.

At the end if that is some sort of review post then there is very little you can do as the internet is a land of free speech and people will continue doing that as they say "where there is one there are many"
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Google won't remove bad comments from the index just because you don't like them. You have to deal with the author of that comment. Most webmasters will comply and remove the content in question.
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Google recommends you should call the webmaster of the website & ask them to get information removed. But if your request is rejected by webmaster of the website, then pushing down the negative results is only the solution.
Here is a quick guide that let you to understand that how you can remove negative from search results:
1. Create relevant blogs and update regularly with fresh content.
2. List your business on business listing sites having high authority.
3. Grow your social media networks.

These few recommendation will help you to repair your negative reputation caused by negative feedback.

For any assistance regarding online reputation repair,share your queries
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You can remove the negative links by submitting the links to the in Google's disavow tool. You can identify the bad url by using the ahref, opensiteexploere and other tool.

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