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How to research a domain name that I want to purchase?

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Guys let say I have a domain that I would like to purchase how can I find out the most important stuff about that domain name?

What should I check for before buying it?
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Do a bit of Google research just to see what content is associated with that domain.


If you get 0 results or close to that then it's a bad sign!
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Follow @NotSure's advise and Google for it then check as much SERPs as you can to determine what the website was doing all that time.

Also try one of these so called "Google Blacklist" "Google Banned Check" tools.
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Try Rankchecker, MajesticSEO, semrush, and opensiteexplorer to see the qualities of a site.
Also check google to see if it is indexed and what sites are linking to it to get an idea of the quality of the site. And check the keyword distribution to see if SEO was done prior to the site. If SEO was done, there is probably a reason why it is being let go. Alternatively you can look into getting links from high PR domains. You can inbox me if you have any questions about that or anything really! Smile
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