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How to restore old rankings and PR?

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Lets say once some domain was getting a lot of traffic was ranking high and had good PR but then the webmaster let it expire and it remained this way for a long time which caused it to lose PR and rankings.

Question: If I register it again will it regain PR and rankings?
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Nope, this is a part of the SEO game! You gain, you loose rankings and PR. Once you lost it it's gone you have to start all over again working on make it rise. Well, it makes it a bit easier for a website such as your that was ranking and had high PR once.
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@SEO123 is right! You can't get the traffic/PR again with an expired domain - But it happens occasionally.

Incidents from our experts: What is Google PageRank

Quote:@Kevinmax wrote
But I bought a new fresh website : With 0 back-links & after the design its PR was moved to 2 within a month, Still I am struggling to find the reason (I tried a lot to find)- But I started SEO off-site campaigns to maintain that PageRank. [Many web master tells - SANDBOX is a "Myth"]

@invisibe_dude Wrote
I lunched a new website once and man it was getting literally a ton tens of thousands of unique visitors every day for a month or two but then everything stooped after new Panda update. My point is new websites under 1 year or so will loose rankings sooner or later even if they have a ton of backlinks which will raise red flag and will trigger some algorithm for sure.

Google treats the domain as new one when it was expired. You cannot rank easily when a website has too many drops (Drops - The n.o of times the domain expired).
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There's no way of getting back the way it used to be but you can always out done your previous performance.

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