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How to set Oxwall Sign-in Page as Landing and keep home page URL!

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Oxwall is a great open source social media network software but one of the biggest issues that I and many have is that it has this boring home page looks terrible! Everybody need to have a professional and clean home-page.

Now this script has a nice sign-in page that you can customize and use as landing page but there is no an easy way to do that!

They recommend creating a custom page and then add meta tag refresh to it so that the page will redirect to signin one! This is terrible from seo point of view!

We need to redirect without modifying the base/home-page URL as Google doesn't like home page redirects!

The landing page has to display sign-in template which you will later customize but the URL has to look like this:


And not like this:


There is no an easy fix as I mentioned above! I have spent some times on the code since it's quite complicated and finally I hailed it!

The patch will be available for every new update but won't be for free sorry!

This video contains a step by step tutorial that will help you to create your own custom template not theme and also shows how to use the patch to redirect home page to sign-in page or to set it as a landing page!

Here is how it work!

Here is the link to the file that contains the fix. It's encrypted so to use it you need a password!

The price of the password is 10€ EUR paid via PayPal.

This patch is for Oxwall 1.8.1 version!

This patch is for Oxwall 1.8.0 version!

This patch is for Oxwall 1.7.5 version!

This patch is for Oxwall 1.7.4 version!

After you make a payment please PM me here your payment details and email. Once I verify it I will PM and email you password.

If you have a different Oxwall version then send me your request. The patch price is 10€ EUR paid via PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cm...PPBTR64YVQ

If you want me to edit or customize the user_standard_sign_in.html file or page for you then please register and send me an PM and we will talk about it?


First in Oxwall Admin Panel go to pages and create one page call it home make it external input your website domain name and choose "only visible by guests" save it then move it so that it will appear first on the top menu!

Unzip the zip and then upload files called: application.php and mobile_application.php to ow_core folder overwrite the exciting ones!

Remember to back-up those files just in case Smile

After you update Oxwall script you need to download the new version of the patch too!

This works on desktop and mobile version!

DEMO: http://www.amigote.com

P.S. The only reason we need to redirect or make sigin page as landing is case then we can modify and customize it! In the other hand default index or main page can't be 100% customized!

Now to customize landing-page there are many free and paid templates and themes available for download juts Google for it! Or if you know a little about website design and development you can make it your-self it's not that hard since it's mostly HTML and CSS!

Now to customize sign in page we need to edit 2 files:


If you have multiple language packs installed then here you can add language keys that will show correct text depending on what language user is using.

Oxwall custom TEXT/HTML widget will only display the content you put in and that is the whole WHY we do this modification and setting up custom landing page!

If you need help with HTML and CSS please create a new topic and I will be glad to answer it!

Please feel free to ask your question regarding oxwall homepage change!
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Thanks Marcus that patch works great money well spend Smile

The only way you can redirect Oxwall index or home-page to sign-in one is by creating a custom page inside the admin panel and then put add a meta tag refresh to it which I found to be not very SEO friendly!

First Google doesn't like such low-tech redirect method it has to be some like 301 or 302 .htaccess redirect which is recommended methods now you can't just redirect home page to sign-in using .htaccess as this will cause redirect loop for logged in users!

The only way to by applying this fix which works as advertised redirects without modifying base URL.
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Home page redirects have devastating effects on the website SEO when not done properly!

You can close your website to guests but that is a bad idea since Google won't be able to crawl it and you will never get free organic traffic you need this fix to make everything work and improve the site SEO and rankings this is not about making your URL look pretty Smile
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Thanks Marcus works great! Since I downloaded Oxwall PHP Social Networking Software I didn't really like its home page. I tried to customize it but unfortunately there is no any HTML template for it. I have heard about redirecting to sign-in page or using it as a homepage but the only way it to use meta tag redirect which is not SEO friendly. Thanks to your patch my home page now shows signin template which I can edit to make it an amazing landing page.

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