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How to set up SMS Service?

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What does SMS Service really mean and how to set it up? Also the most important question how to make money with it? Smile
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Most of the online web-sites collect phone numbers from their users like Google, Yahoo, Facebook ans so on to send free SMS notifying them about some important activities.

Now you can also use those phone-numbers for adverting like sending SMS about some offers thus making money.

You can learn more by Goggling "setup sms service"
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You don’t have to be a big company to set up a text-message auto-response system. With TextMarks, you can set up a quick-and-dirty text message information system for free. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your customers or friends, to promote your website or services, or just to provide useful information.

hope it's helpful
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Some telecommunication services have multiple of mobile numbers for sending their own plans and services, So you can also take their numbers. Some companies sell numbers for income.
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Hi there, First of all Good to know that you have shown interest. We need some more details like you want any mobile app or website or web app?Please talk to our tech support team they will assist you and provide all support which you want to get.

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