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How to set up and configure VPS or Dedicated server?

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As your website is getting more and more traffic sooner or later you will be forced to move from dedicated to either #VPS or #Dedicated server.

Unlike shared VPS and or Dedicated servers require set up and configuration plus maintenance to be performed by the webmaster.

Question! How to do that any basic step bu step tutorials will help for folks like me beginner.
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Such maintenance depends on the control panel choice. I mean there is cPanel, VestaCP, ISPConfig and many other. Before getting server, make sure you can optimize your site (webpagetest.org, cloudflare.com) maybe you can save yourself alot of work and money managing your server.
If one get a server, one have to read various tutorials on how to harden that particular webserver software.
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Try to contact Aspnix.com and ask their support team to configure a server for your needs.
They are really transparent and timely in communicating about the glitches when they (rarely) happen. Highly recommended.
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Thanks for sharing, How to set up and configure VPS or Dedicated server?
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you can watch in you tube
they will clear you each and every step
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(07-07-2018 01:10 PM)Victor Dub Wrote:  As your website is getting more and more traffic sooner or later you will be forced to move from dedicated to either #VPS or #Dedicated serv...

Have you found solutions on youtube for your queries? They help a lot Smile
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You will make right decision if you compare these hosts:
- Rareservers.com
- Inmotionhosting.com
- Rockhoster.com
The combination of quality and cheapness makes them attractive for the greater part of the web masters.
Compare their vps and dedicated hosting accounts and choose the best.
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You can rely on Hostplay.com and their offshore servers.
Use the promo code XOFF5HP and receive 5% off for all new Dedicated Servers.
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IMHO, cloudarion.com would be a good option for getting VPS or dedicated servers.
Other web hosts could learn a bit from them on pricing, technology and excellent customer service.
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I migrated to kvchosting.net from a very bad web host I had experience dealing with!
They have a great infrastructure with very fast web server (an amazing value!) and fast bandwidth providers. Support is always fast and knowledgeable. I couldn't ask for more.
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I suggest you to leave setting up and managing VPS to a hosting company and focus yourself on your business and growth. One awesome hosting company offering VPS and dedicated server is SeiMaxim. Their servers have zero downtime and constantly updated with latest security patches. If you still want to try setting up your own VPS. Get a dedicated server and install VMware/XenServer on it and than install VM (VPS) on Hypervisor.
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If you are a beginner, I suggest you configure your server with a control panel. There are many free and paid control panel out there, such as cPanel, Plesk, ISPConfig, VPSrobots, Webmin, Virtualmin, and more. But I recommend you to use a paid control panel beacuse it has more powerful features and a good customer support.

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