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How to set up meta tags for Bing?

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Meta Description and Meta Keywords are Mandatory fields? Can I keep them empty?
If it is must what is the Bing meta tags specifications?
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Bing, Yahoo and Google don't use meta tag keywords only title and description.
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Title tag is a must have one if you fail to add relevant title to your page the rankings will drop, in many cases you will not ever rank at all.

Keywords meta tag is not used anymore.
Description meta tag is recommended for Bing. For Google is optional since Google frequently relies on web page content.
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Meta tags are still being used by search engines to know the site is all about.

Quote:Duane Forrester stats that [Senior product manager for Bing webmaster outreach]
Meta keywords is a signal. One of roughly a thousand we analyze.
Bing says abusing Meta Keywords may hurts your website.

Bingbot always loves to read the well written Meta Title & Descriptions.
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Google doesn't use Keyword tag. It uses only description and title tag.

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