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How to stop spam - Ways that work?

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seo ( search engine optimization) is like a holy grail for all the internet marketer and that makes most of them go crazy spamming their website links all over the place, they don't really care about harming other sites all they care about is increasing their Google Rating (PR). Now my question is how most of the forums and blogs fight spam, what measures the implement to stop it. 001_confused
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Well I don't think you will ever be able to stop spam but what you can do is to make it harder to create.
Add nofollow tag to all links in comments, in case of the forum in threads and replies, also moderate new comments before they are displayed, disallow new users from posting URL, filter most commonly words are associated with Spam.
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I agree with you Marcus. I would simply set all my comments to require moderation before making them public this way no spam will pass through!

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