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How to use Google keyword planner tool more efficiently?

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Can anybody tell me what exactly keyword planner tool is designed for? How to take full advantage of it in improving seo and marketing campaign?
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Google Keyword Planner: I think it did 10 times Master Course in PPC (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns)

1. Keyword search volume by county/city/country.
2. Divides the suggested ads group ideas
3. Get a rough broad match estimate for your marketing campaigns
Quote:1. Enter your list of keywords, choose "Get estimates"

2. Select segment by "Keyword", enter a very high estimated bid and budget: say $100 bid; $20K daily budget

3. Choose 'Edit Match Types' > 'All Ad Groups' > 'Broad match'
4. Multiply keywords list - Search on two different combination of lists - This would be more helpful when you're confused about your targeted market.
5. Traffic Forecasts - Gives the average monthly search volume for the keywords (Not used to find the trends keywords) cause the average volume is the average of 12 months.
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Google keyword planner is most important tools in seo where you can search your keywords traffic,competition and if you want PPC for your keyword then you can see the cost of your keyword there.
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If you are having some specific keywords in mind for which you want to rank then you can get estimated monthly searches from keyword planner and also if you are thinking of google ads for your website then keyword planner can tell you average bid cost for your chosen keywords.
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hey ,
this tool provide the results related to your given keywords ..it is best tool because it provide good ideas about keywords.
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use the free tool ninja search combination
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Keyword Planner is a free tool that helps build Search Network campaigns by finding keyword ideas and estimating how they may perform. For traffic it is very useful
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Google keyword planner is one of the tools that SEO used to identify the right keyword to use for their target market. Great advantage of using it is the fact that we can use the most commonly use term so that it will rank on search engine.

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