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How to use facebook for marketing of business?

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How to use facebook for marketing of business?
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Well social media sites like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter are great for a reason and it's cause they hey a ton of traffic where is traffic there is a ground for doing profitable marketing.

Create business pages and then post great content on them people will share, follow and like them thus doing free marketing for you.

Every time you post use some popular hashtags this way you will get more exposure I mean the post will reach more ayes.

Optimizing the page title, short, long description and posting quality content will make it rank high on Google which will bring even more targeted organic traffic but first you have to ping the page to get it indexed.

Spend some money on Facebook ads to get more likes cause pages will tons of likes show more often in Facebook search.
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At this time most of the people use facebook in their daily life, So this only one place where you can introduce your product directly to your customers. Facebook add some extra features like facebook advertisement.
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Facebook is a great way to promote business, brands, or products online. Facebook increases exposure to potential customers, gather more leads, reach a targeted audience, and build brand loyalty.
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Facebook can be optimally used by business organisations for promotion by sharing content, tagging posts, using hashtags for trending, creating discussion groups for greater engagement. Running contests are also a great way of promoting your business.

Creating a Fanpage for the business would also help the business to have an independent identity on Facebook.

Hope this helps you. Cheers!!!
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Business is one of the best way for eaning money getting more views and more money from it.

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