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How to use fetch as google tool?

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I read on some articles that to find out how Google sises your website you have to use this tool that can be found in webmaster tools account called "fetch as google" but I am not really comfortable testing it as I am afraid to do some harm to my website seo.

How to use it?
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This tools gives the website owners and webmaster the opportunity to to mimic the Google-Bot crawler so that you can see how Google is seeing you site. It's a great tools to locate and fix issues with the index.

This tool can also be used to tell Google about URLs that it missed and that you want to get indexed and include in search results.

You can Fetch as well as Fetch and Render home page and any of its sub-directories. Once fetched simply check on the URL you submitted and you will see the source code of your page if you designed it you will quickly find if there are any problems.
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I think this can be very helpful for you: https://support.google.com/webmasters/an...468?hl=en. Make sure that you know how these thing actually works.
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(05-11-2015 09:55 AM)Erin Nagata Wrote:  I think this can be very helpful for you Make sure that you know how these thing actually works.

Thanks Erin, information which was shared by you is really very helpful.
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The Fetch as Google tool is in fetch mode, Googlebot crawls any URL that corresponds to the path that you requested. If Googlebot is able to successfully crawl your requested URL, you can review the response your site sent to Googlebot.

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