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How to use video marketing for SEO

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Can anybody teach me how to use "video marketing" to improve my website seo generate more traffic and get better or increase rankings?
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This mean you have to use video sharing websites like YouTube to generate traffic and do brand marketing.
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there are few tips for video SEO and your video marketing strategy:

1) Hosting Your Video
2) Choosing Keywords
3) Comments and Social Sharing
4) Transcripts
5) Video XML Sitemaps
6) Schema(.)org Markup and Rich Snippets
7) GeoTagging and Merging YouTube with Google+
8) Link Building
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Video is huge and it's an area I want to get into more in 2015 - i've got the tools, just need the time and product / idea to create it.
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First of all make a video, then submit it to multiple of website, and share on social networking sites.
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The key point of it is to focus on the quality of the content of your video. People would like to share interesting and useful video on their social network.

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