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How you will decide optimized content?

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How you will decide optimized content.
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I don't really understand your question please rephrase! Are you asking some like when do y¡we know if we need to optimize content? If so then the answer is every time you're writing a new one you should already have planned stuff like subject and keywords you will be targeting with that article. Then in the process of creating it you simply include those keywords keeping and aye on density and proximity.
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Content is the base of over all optimization process. Every search engine target the quality content that full fill the requirements of the user or seekers candidate on the search engine. So place your content at different place to attract the actual required candidate.
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These days content is the king and the more website has it the better it will rank in Google! Now the content should be original and optimized for Google the otherwise it will backfire!

The content should be optimized every time as mentioned above doesn't matter if that is a singe sentence or 600+ word article the text should contain keywords for the search engine to figure what it's about and link it to some search query.
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Optimized content should be of unique quality & useful too. Create your own content & check it from various plagiarism checker tools. If there are any duplicate lines, please remove them. Search engine loves to see fresh unique content & keywords ranking also depends on it.

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