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I am stuck at ranking my website?

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I am optimizing a website for above months and still it doesn't produce the results needed Smile Don't know where I went wrong Sad, I understood that the seo became so tough these days and takes a bit long time to rank higher.

I just need to know that "How long a keyword like "BUY WEBSITE TRAFFIC" takes time to rank into TOP 10 of Google"?
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First of all when doing SEO you have to realize that it takes time before you'll start seeing some results actually it takes somewhere between 2 to 3 month so relax.

Any keywords related to buying or selling "website traffic" are highly competitive and require for the website to have decent PR, backlinks and have good performance.

Try posting more content relevant to this niche in order to increase authority for that keyword.
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Try advertising your website on social media sites you know for free this is good for traffic and hopefully that traffic will generate natural back-links that will propel the website up in rankings.
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Most beneficial source to get more traffic on a website is video submission, Social Media sharing, Classified, Bookmarking, Infographics and content marketing. You need to focus on these technique with quality work. Some techniques such as:
*Try to post a unique and informative content on different website
*Regular updates Social media eg. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
*Video and infographics submission on different High PR and relevant website
*Bookmarking and classified with unique information on quality websites
Make use of all techniques by following search bots guidelines.
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I can see most of the websites ranked in TOP 10 for that keyword "Buy Website Traffic" has good domain authority then the PR. Even some website has PR 0 and 1. So no matter if your website has Page Rank.

What you need to do is!
1. Check your content keyword frequency
2. Content must make the user to read (An Interesting story)
3. Internal linking - Back links (From high authority websites) Less Quantity of links is enough for to rank in your case. Sure you'll not get the results within 2-3 months. It may take 5-6 months to reach into TOP 20 or TOP 10.
4. Important thing is that your back-link must generates some traffic/social shares.

If you done all the above in the right way! Sure you can see the rank improvements.

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