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I need Advice

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I really need some review because i have created a blog with blogger and planning to use a custom domain for it. But i am still in dilemma that will my blog design comply with seo.
Please advice
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I also want some feedback about my blog design.
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Support Team
Let see!

Starting from the top!

You are missing meta tag description which is one of the key SEO factor! Your meta tag title contains no keywords from your niche extremely important!

H1 tag has to contain keywords you are targeting!

Optimize your home page and add more content to it make sure to use your keywords!

The site will never rank well if you don't fix that!

Using an image for a background is not cool any more as you need to have a big image to compensate for different screen resolutions and that means the image size will have to be huge which will increase loading time or speed of your website! The another big issue is that some text will not be clearly visible by the reader as in your case! Simply use white color as background and for font color use #444

Your Total page size: 2.43MB which is huge! Do you know that 200KB is what Google wants!

Add relevant or old posts and RSS feed to your website which is very SEO friendly!

Get rid off Google Map widget as it makes you wonder what this site is about and it slows your site down!

Reduce the size of your header size to make it as small as possible and add content there as your current header occupies the entire above-fold area which contains no content at all!

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