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IE 10 crashes mailto

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Have someone experienced this problem with Internet Explorer 10 that crashes and begins opening almost endless number of new IE10 browsers every time you click on mailto link? 001_scared
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This is an Internet Explorer 10 "mailto" bug and to fix it try this:

1. Method. Start>>Default Programs>>Set program access and computer defaults. Select Custom then click on arrow pointing down and select your mail client, for example, Windows Mail and click OK.

2. Method. Start>>Default Programs>>Set your default program, then select your mail client from the list and click on Set this program as default then click OK.

3. Method. Start>> in the search bar type Regedit.exe and open it.
Navigate to the following branch:

Click on Edit>>New>>String Value, type URL Protocol as the name of the new String Value and then close the Registry Editor
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This is the only reason I have stopped using Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox is by far the best web browser Smile
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Try to update Internet Explorer 10 is the bug remains or simply don't use that function I am sure Microsoft is working on fixing this bug.

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