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Image alt or caption tag?

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What is the difference between img alt tag and some caption tag that I am not aware of and which one is better to use in order to maximize chances of getting images indexed by Google and show in search results?
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To add a caption to your image use this code:

<div><img src="URL" alt="alternate text" width="width" height="height" />This is your image caption text</div>

As you can see it requires image tag and div. And the other thing is that caption is visible as text to everyone which in many cases could not really go with our content.

ALT tag is invisible and has the same effect as caption. I guess both tags affect SEO in the similar way.
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I recommend Alt tag it's hidden and does then same job.
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Picture Alt content – Alt content or substitute content is a required field by the HTML models particulars. It is shown when a client's program can't find a picture. Web indexes like Google utilize alt tag as a positioning component in their picture list items. ... See our guide on the most proficient method to add inscription to pictures in WordPress.
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Caption is the text which is displayed with the image. Alt text is used to give name to the image. Caption is by default visible to the people & alt text is not visible.
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Image alt tag is good for Increase traffic.

Alt tag code syntax:
<img src="file.jpeg" alt="File">

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It is important to add both to all your images.

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