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Image links SEO?

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I need to know how to make image links as affective as text ones?
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Images are a nice presentation of any concept, so you should take care of selecting images for content or web page. As spiders are not able to read images, so we can use alt tag. Try to mention text in alt tag which describe pic and relevancy to the content.
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Google loves when a image is clickable, It should have some certain qualities to "light" your SEO campaigns
1. Use unique Images
2. Niche relevant alternative texts (Descriptive alt tags are best)
3. Image file size (Greater file size may reduce your website speed)
4. Ecommerce SEO (Image file size below 70kb is better)
5. Image site map (Sites using javascript galleries & pop-ups)
6. Image captions.
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Image links is a very specific and powerful way to optimize a image base or ecommerce website. These kind of image link called work like as Alt. We can improve the search via images after give image link.

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