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In SEO which work play major role to improve ranking

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Hello friends - In seo which work play major role to improve ranking, like On Page Method or Off Page Method. please share your personal experience or guide me to how to setup seo work to get ranking in major search engine.
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On Page method has the most effect to the website pages in which relies to Google guidelines and especially to the target audience.
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‘Content is the key for Search Engine Optimization’

Content, is ultimately what every user is searching for – in some form or another. It may be video, articles, wikis, blogs, or other social media, but it is all content, and the more of it you have, the bigger your slice of the Google pie will be. If you have more content than your competitors for a given search keyword, which site do you think Google is going to send its traffic to if its desire is to give the user the best results and experience possible?
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I think quality content, backlinks & error free website.
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Its always be the good quality content that matters
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Complete On-page should be done properly
Off-page Activities
Forum posting
Blog Posting
Article submissions
Blog commenting
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Basically, on page and off page SEO activities play a vital role in websites ranking. Moreover, do not deny the Google algorithm updates.

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