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Increase rankings for "how to make money" keyword?

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How to get my website on top search results for the keyword " how to make money"? Is ti enough just to post relevant content and hope that Google will pick it up?
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Off-page optimization is responsible for rankings. Get more relevant backlinks from high ranking websites.
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Not just an easy thing to rank the term: "How to make money"

It is easy:
You must be a perfect Blogger - It means the content should cover tons of organic visitors.

Did you checked the TOP 10 Websites PR:
3 websites with PR 7
4 websites with PR 6
1 Website with PR 8
1 website with PR 5
Then a Youtube Video

High-fi of competition, you cannot do easily with the Wi-Fi [by simply posting relevant blogs].
The top 10 listings are big investor's. Each of them have their PAID advertisements along side. they are high in metric, authority, rankings...etc

Kind of RND work - takes years - best of luck!
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The keyword you are targeting is a tough one because it has high competition. You should start by increasing your search engine authority for it.

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