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what ids indexing..? how it is useful...?
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OH, your question is misspelled! Probably you have meant to say: "What is indexing? How is it useful?"

Indexing is the process of creating indexes (organizing webpages) of the entire world wide web for the search engine. Indexes allows search engine to find quickly a webpage/webpages for a specific keyword. Without the index, search engine would have go through millions of webpages, analyze them and then show them to only you, now imagine you have millions of people doing the same type of search at the same time!
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If you have a content and you want that content to be shown in Google search results then Google first needs to index that content and then Google will decide if it's worth to be shown in search results or not!
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You need to shown your site by google for your target audience then it need to be indexed by google. so indexing is so important to google to show your site for keywords.

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