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Info Graphics

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How can we use it..? There are any article about infographic knowledge please share here.
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Info graphic is the visual or graphical representation of information, data, or knowledge. Info graphics are more eye-catching the printed words.
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Here you can find a strong note of how to build links with infographics

Reading the comments on Moz blogs gives you the overall idea.
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This topic has already being answered here: http://letsforum.com/Thread-What-is-info...4#pid16804

But basically it's an image used to represent some data. Lets say you have a Analytics reports for the whole year which has 12 month and you wanna see the amount of traffic your website receives each month.

Now if you had gone to school should know what graph represents in mathematics. Being said that you check all months and grab the one that received max and min amount of traffic that will be you graph limits.

Now simply positions remaining month according to their traffic rate. Each month will be a point after that simply connect all points with a line and there you have it an Info-graphic representation of your traffic for a whole year Wink
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Info-graphic Off-page SEO techniques is a graphical way to represent the information, content or any data. It is helpful for getting traffic.
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I have heard about it very often and it is needed by people who wants to promote their website. I'm also looking forward to learn about it. Thanks for the share.
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This is a visual representation of all the information regarding a website. Included are text content, graphs and data to create an efficient way to see all information at once.
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Info graphics is the best technique to present a company's profile by a graphics only. It is the most attractive means nowadays that holds a huge value in promotion of any business effectively. By attractive graphics one can easily attract huge online visitors at the first instant only. By writing less and expressing through graphics is the most innovative technique for now in promoting any business effectively.
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Infographics are the images which represents the information OR data in a graphical manner to give quick idea about the given content.

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