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Internet Explorer adblock

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Hi I am using Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) to browse internet. I like it a lot it's fast and easy to use but I am tired of all those advertisements! Every page is just loaded with Ads and pop-ups. How to install adblock on Internet Explorer?
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Internet Explorer 10 is awesome web browser, it comes with Spelling check and now we can block those annoying Ads. So to block any advertisement, pop-ups, Ads, you need to install adblock "Fanboy tracking protection list".
To install:
Go to http://www.iegallery.com/PinnedSites and click on "tracking protection list".
Scroll down and find "Fanboy tracking protection list" and click ADD
Press Alt+X and go to Safety>Tracking Protection. Click on "Fanboy tracking protection list" and check that it says enabled, if not click enable.
That's it.

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