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internet marketing is the part of search engine optimization or not . it will help to promote your sites or not.. Please tell your thought about this topic. Every one is trying to make own website Good..
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Hi @jocameron search engine optimization or SEO is actually part of the Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is just another version of your normal marketing but it takes place online on in the internet!
Please read this article on what is Internet Marketing
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Hi please next time try to check your post for grammar errors I can't really make out what you mean!

Internet Marketing is used to promote a product, website or a brand in the internet by using different techniques and tactics that are part of the internet marketing like:

Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing
Article Marketing

SEO is used to improve or make your site more search engine friendly so that your internet marketing will have better change to succeed!
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Internet Marketing is a way to spread out the word about your firm or market your product in the internet!

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