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Hello everyone,

It seems tough for me to market a product or service and get sales. Can anyone tell me one method which is best or have most of the possibility for a sale!?! Because i can't do various activities at a time to promote a product, this way i lose my focus!!! or if i can outsource it to promote and get residual income but where and whom? I have an eBook which i want to promote.

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Are you looking for free or paid promotion?
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Maybe try social media marketing and promote your eBook there. Video marketing should do the trick too.
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Promoting E-book? Not just easy, but it may be!

1. Document Sharing - Not just you create account and share - Just stay and follow other members/create a community to gain your targeted followers.
2. Give some books for free at initial. Even app developers are giving their app for free when they start promoting their services.
3. Engage some internet experts to provide some valuable feedback/testimonials on your page.
4. Amazon is the best place to promote E-books.
5. Also work with You tube/power point sharing portals/face book

The only thing is create and stay on all the sites even you fail on the FIRST, you may not be on the SECOND.
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@KevinMax you rock man.

What your eBook is about as it is very important to know to determine best marketing strategy.

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