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Internet Marketing Ninjas - What is it?

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I have just stumbled upon this internet marketing Ninjas site when checking seo Chat site the website look very professional and seo is obviously their niche but I can't figure out what this site does? Is it some kind of paid seo tools service or what I couldn't find forum on internet marketing Ninjas so it's not a forum site like seo Chat Forums then what is it can anybody shed some light on this topic?
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Internet Marketing Ninjas is a paid service that manages SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Web Site Design, Link Building and Social Media Marketing, they are among the leading companies when it comes to online internet marketing and search engine optimization SEO.

With the recent release of Google Panda and Penguin updates it become much harder to keep organic traffic and rankings, Ninjas SEO experts will identify and tell you what to fix or improve so that your website will maintain traffic and ranking.
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I am sure that you already know what SEO is and how had is to do SEO so if you struggle with SEO then for a small fee you can ask Internet Marketing Ninjas to help you out with your sites SEO they are experts in this and know exactly what steps to take for a maximum effect Wink
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If you want your site to rank high on Google but you don't want or don't know how to do it for a small amount of money you hire these or other SEO Experts to do the job for you !
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Instead of spending money on those SEO experts that can't know everything about search engine optimization post your questions on SEO forums asking other SEO Experts to check your site and identify what keeps it from ranking high on Google! I am not saying that Marketing Ninjas won't make your site better I am just saying that most of the stuff you pay for to get fixed can be fixed by yourself!

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