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Internet Marketing backlinks?

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Are backlinks only important for seo or they also play an important role in online marketing?
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(08-10-2014 03:47 PM)Guest Wrote:  Are backlinks only important for SEO or they also play an important role in online marketing?

both! Idea
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Backlink is a link on somebodies website that brings free traffic which means more potential customers, sales and earnings.
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it all depends on the quality of site that you are linking from. Imagine a link in a guest post from a high users base blog in the weight loss niche leading to your own blog.
it means google with see your own blog has being important and rank up your site and weight loss users at the origin blog with definitely click your link for more info.
that what i call direct traffic. you dont just sit around waiting for google you do some part youself.
competition in seo world is really high.
i personally suggest guest posting.
hope this help out!
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As this is a time of high competition in every field and every one wants to get rank on search engine, So SEO is basic requirement to get rank on search engine. SEO experts have techniques which help to to get constant result on search engine.
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@wellsworld is right! Backlinks are important for SEO, When it meets the desired quality. (How a back links should be?)
Back links have the ability to generate organic leads when it is worthy (Free or paid)! - Internet Marketing.
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They play the role in keyword ranking. There are many factors that will be helpful in internet marketing.
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Search engine robot uses do follow and no follow tricks to rank websites either new or old, dofollow back links from high ranked sites help search engines to easily crawl, indexed and rank your site high above your competitors. Nofollow back links from high ranked websites like WIKIPEDIA also increase the chances of ranking your sites higher on search engine result pages (SERP), google and other search engines likes NOFOLLOW back links from high ranked sites pointing back to your website especially if you have one or more articles with complete resource details on them. On the process of getting free traffic to your sites, search engine traffic is huge and awesome for any kind of business you do online. If your website is ranked high on search engines result pages (SERP) it will actually walk in free leads to your sales page on a daily basis without spending a huge amount of money on advertising, at least SEO traffic will fuel your internet marketing business for you on autopilot.

Wish you all the best in your SEO campaign!
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You can get traffic by doing off page optimization.

Google this topic

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